About Me

Beth Grosshans has been a lifeline for countless families over her 20-year career as a child psychologist. Armed with an arsenal of effective parenting techniques, she's offered hope to parents who felt they'd tried everything. Her interventions cover a range of challenges—from managing temper tantrums and defiance to addressing anxiety and day-to-day dilemmas like sleep or eating issues. Her empathetic approach aims to help parents instil self-control, cooperation, and respect in their children, equipping families with the tools needed for a harmonious home life.

Educational Journey and Professional Experience

She earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology from The University of Cincinnati before advancing her studies at Ohio State University, where she received her Master’s and Ph.D. in Clinical Child Psychology. Following her academic achievements, she secured an internship at Boston Children’s Hospital and Judge Baker's Children’s Center. Here, she applied her scholastic insights in real-world psychiatric care settings, benefitting from an enriched learning environment at Harvard Medical School.

Pioneering the IFP Concept

In 1994, Grosshans took the bold step of founding her private practice. In this setting, she identified a recurring issue affecting family equilibrium: Imbalanced Family Power (IFP). This imbalance, where children hold undue sway over their parents, often manifests in emotional and behavioural problems. Determined to counteract this dynamic, she formulated a five-step regimen called "The Ladder to Effectiveness." The program aims to reestablish a healthy balance of power within families, and its success has helped restore peace and wellness in many households.

Academic Contributions

Grosshans's love for teaching extended her influence into the academic arena. For over 15 years, she served as a faculty member at the Princeton Center for Teacher Education. Her teachings in child development have influenced Montessori educators nationwide, indirectly impacting the childcare philosophies of a new generation of caregivers.

Consulting and Treatment Plans

Her expertise has not been confined to direct patient care or academic involvement. She's also been a sought-after consultant for various schools and healthcare facilities. Her role often involves creating personalized treatment plans for other mental healthcare providers, broadening her impact within the professional community.

Authorial Impact

She published "Beyond Time Out: From Chaos to Calm" in 2008. The book serves as a comprehensive guide for parents and caregivers, focusing on navigating the complex power dynamics within families. Her work's positive outcomes reflect her unyielding commitment to nurturing healthier family relationships.

Post-Retirement Pursuits

Though Dr. Beth Grosshans has stepped back from her clinical practice, her enthusiasm for child development issues hasn't waned. She continues to write and speak, enriching the parenting and educational landscapes with her enduring wisdom on child discipline and development.


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